Food Not Bombs in Venice

Posted by Trisha, Jan 27, 2009


We all are getting crushed in some way or another by the economy, and the price of food is going nowhere but up. You’ve done your budget, and you’ve cut expenses everywhere you can. Still not quite cutting it?

Food Not Bombs to the rescue! Every Thursday in the parking lot behind the Venice Center for Peace and Justice and the Arts at 4:30pm. It’s open to everyone, although they do reserve certain foods for homeless people only. Be sure to bring your own bag to carry your foods.

Food Not Bombs gives away food for free to anyone who wants it. Be careful of moldy produce, and past expiration dates. All their food is donated by local grocery stores, so it’s not all pristine. But it’s good enough in a pinch, especially their plastic-bagged and labeled grains and wheats.

Food Not Bombs is a nonprofit, so they do need people to come for food every Thursday. The more people they serve, the more funding they can get, which can be used for food transportation, which ultimately leads to a wider variety of foods the next Thursday. And everybody wins.

Come by the next Food Not Bombs this Thursday in the parking lot behind 2210 Lincoln Blvd just north of Lincoln & Venice. Come at 4:30pm, and take what you like. You can only take one of certain foods, but that’s usually more than enough to last you through the week. See you there!

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2 Responses to “Food Not Bombs in Venice”

  1. Steven Smith says:

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  2. isrol triono says:

    this cool…

    i from indonesia, happy be aquainted with friends…food not bombs in venice.


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